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Aescripts Limber v1.6 for After Effects


Aescripts Limber v1.6 for After Effects MacOS

Limber is the new shape-layer IK system for After Effects character animation.
Limber is an IK system for After Effects that uses shape layers to make customizable limbs for character animation. Limber has controls for styling the shape and colours, dynamically preventing animation ‘pops’, smoothly blending between IK and FK, and swapping limbs for different types.
You animate using familiar controller layers for the hip and ankle points of your limb. If you want to use FK, simply generate an FK controller, re-parent your hand or foot layer to the new controller, and dial in the FK rotation values you need – perfect for swinging arms in a walk cycle.

You can customize the limb shape layer in any way you like: add extra shapes, alter the existing shape, add extra properties like strokes or gradient fills, remove parts of the limb to get separate layers for each part, and much more. Once a limb is styled the way you want, you can duplicate it, or copy and paste the customizations to another limb.

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