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Antidote 11 v1.1 Crack Here [2022] | Full Version Tested


Antidote 11 Keygen incl Full Version

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Antidote 11 Crack is one of the best writing assistance tool that checks advanced grammar, spelling, and styling mistakes or errors nay irregularities in a piece of writing. But Antidote 11 is not just limited to that; it also enables you to improve your skills in the language you are using. As the software’s name suggests, it acts as a kind of antidote to your writing mistakes. Druide Informatique developed this software in 1996. This company is known for developing aids for writing and revising and has also produced Writing Pal and Web Elixir, both handy tools. However, that’s not why we are here today. Druide Informatique developed Antidote for French first, and it has through many improvements and later on set for the English Language.

The software has many features, which we will discuss later on, but I’ll give you an overview of the features of the Antidote 11 torrent. The first one is the Corrector that detects errors in a document that you’re writing in Word and allows you to go through each one. The errors are carefully grouped and have recommendations on how to correct them. There’s also a variety of filters available for analyzing your text as well. Next, you’ll see a Dictionary module for that language you use this software for, either English or French. Lastly, you’ll have the Language Guide. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now by purchasing it from its official website.

Antidote 11 v1.1 Key Features:

The Antidote 11 consists of 4 necessary facilities:

1: Smart Filter Correction:

Antidote 11 filters every grammatical, styling, or spelling mistake with a different color, and you can see the available correction options in a tooltip by hovering over a mistake. You can correct one of your mistakes by clicking on Confirm. It doesn’t matter if you have put an unnecessary comma, used excessive capitalization, repetitions, or verb agreements; Antidote 11 corrects everything. Antidote 11 features 200 smart filters, and every of your repeated words, even numbers, and dates are fixed through it. No other writing assistance has offered you this much flexibility.

2: Multiple Dictionaries:

With the multiple dictionaries and powerful search tools, you can see the definition, pronunciation, plural forms, rhyming words, and a list of synonyms for any word. You can even discover the etymology of proverbs and expressions, conjugation information, and many more. Antidote 11 smart and powerful search engines push the limits and do what an ordinary dictionary can’t do.

3: Detailed Language Guide:

Antidote 11 guide has made writing easy and enjoyable. From grammatical mistakes to styling, you can quickly access all the rules for writing in a specific language with the help of 485 articles, Antidote serial key provides. You can take print of these articles and read them thoroughly to understand better a new language you intend to learn.

4: AI Assistance:

For Windows, Linux, or Mac users, you can install a plugin with the name Anti-OOPS. Anti-OOPS will detect any mistakes in your emails and let you correct them before sending the message.

What’s New in Antidote 11 v1.1?

The new 1 version of Antidote 11 introduced many new features, but we will discuss the most common of them. So let’s see:

1: Friendly ToolTips:

Antidote 11 has improved the tooltip appears as a suggestion for mistakes’ correction, and now you can ignore a particular suggestion if you found it unnecessary.

2: Display Emoji, Italic, or Bold:

Antidote can recognize the italic, bold text, and even emojis, which allows Antidote 11 to better analyze the text and suggest a correction for your mistakes.

3: Gender Neutrality:

With Gender Neutrality, you have a more equitable representation of women and men for job titles, etc., and corrects all of your gender-related flags.

4: Readability Filter:

The quality of the text you write depends upon the readability. So, Antidote 11 introduced a new readability feature in version 1 with which you can have the readability score for every text you write. 100 score on the readability scale means that your text is easy to read, and 0 means your text is difficult to read.

5: And Many More:

See the Changelog of Antidote 11 for build 1 here to have a complete look at the improvements and new features.

System Requirements:

  • The Antidote 11 requires Windows-10, Windows-7, Windows-8/8.1.
  • The software will run on a system with a RAM of 4GB.
  • Antidote 11 requires 5GB of hard disk space.
  • Antidote 11 requires a Processor of 1GHz (at least).

Antidote 11 Crack v1.1 Method:

  1. Open Setup [] Folder and Start Setup [].exe
  2. Install Updates manually, offline.
  3. Close antidote if opened automatically. Open Crack AD Folder.
  4. Extract Cracked zip File, Copy it and Paste the Copied file in the Program directory.
    C:Program Files (x86)DruideAntidote 11ApplicationBin64
  5. Go offline or block in the firewall and open Antidote.
  6. Choose “use code”.
  7. Enter something like this: 123-456-789-012
  8. Use something like this as an activation key: FV-12345-67890-1234-67890-123455
  9. Click later to log in window, Don’t update Antidote.
  10. All Done !!! Enjoy

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