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App List 1.06


App List 1.06 MAS macOS

List your open applications for quick application switching.

If you are a pro user and work with multiple application windows, App List detects your open apps, and lists them in a small window.
Dragged to the side of the screen, switch quickly between your open applications.
Edit the list further to include only the applications you are using for maximum productivity.

• App List continuously monitors for changes in your open applications list. If after starting App List you open a previously closed application, or if you close down an application, App List will automatically keep your App List up to date.
• App List automatically places an “AL” icon in the status bar. Clicking on “AL” allows quick dismissal and retrieval of the App List window.
• App List includes a preferences menu which allows customization of the App List window. Options include a choice between a vertical or horizontal App List window. The “traffic light” buttons can also be removed from or added to the App List window for a cleaner look. Manual resizing and scrolling of the App List window can be enabled.
• App List window can be pinned to and locked to any screen corner, ensuring the most efficient use of screen space.

Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Mac App Store

Size:2 MB [2 MB]


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