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Application Wizard 4.3


Application Wizard 4.3

Application Wizard is a small device, very determined to give us a new way to manipulate and work with applications, creating multiple groups of favorite applications that can open, close, switch or hide at will. But this is not all, if an application is hung, the screws can squeeze the system to the closure and restart immediately.

On screen, a simple panel contains four main menus Application Wizard (open, close, switch and special), which allow you to define groups of preferred applications and / or themes such as, for example, all Internet applications, which will be possible open, close, show or hide more than one application at the same time, thanks to the multiple selection.

The special menu offers very interesting extras as the ability to initiate and / or close Mac OS Classic, exit and / or restart the Finder and the Dock, switch users, put the Mac on hold, restart and / or close it. But we can also open recent applications, all applications in the Dock or the Folder and preferably to the panel.

Application Wizard is a very significant help when you want to close an application or group of applications, without having to activate them before, but if you decide to close all background applications, get rid of a capricious application refuses to start correctly, switch body applications or groups of applications and more, here you have everything.

With Application Wizard you can:
quickly open favorite applications, groups of applications, and recent applications
quit multiple or all running applications at the same time
quit background processes and the Finder, and force applications to quit
switch between applications and bring specific windows to the front when making applications active

mark 32-bit applications
turn on single application mode

eject disks and servers and mount ejected disks
browse volumes and favorite folders to quickly open enclosed items
easily access recent folders, documents, and servers
quickly look up your contacts

check system memory usage

view information about files and open them with specific applications
preview images, music, movies, and documents
easily view the metadata associated with images, songs, movies, and PDF files

define keyboard shortcuts to quickly accomplish frequent tasks

Application Wizard runs in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later (including macOS 10.14 Mojave)
Size:8 MB [8 MB]


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