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Arturia Pigments v3.0.0.1375


Arturia Pigments v3.0.0.1375 MacOS | AU | VST | VST3 | Standalone | AAX

Polychrome Software Synthesizer
Pigments 3 is a state-of-the-art software instrument that gives you the power of every shade of synthesis. With colorful sound engines, effortless modulation, professional utilities, and studio-grade FX, explore an infinite spectrum of sound.

Celebrating Pigments 3 To introduce the latest colorful edition of Pigments, we’re presenting a selection of generous introductory offers

New features:
New Engines
Harmonic Engine
Utility Engine
New Jup-8 Low-Pass Filter
Improved frequency modulation range on filters
Improved filters initialization
New Effects
BL-20 Flanger
Jun-6 Chorus
Pitch-Shift Delay
New content
200 New presets
84 New wavetables
97 New samples
71 New noise samples
New effects presets
New tutorials
User interface improvements
Improved organization of effects selection
Optimized user workflow
New default setting
Changed default tuning behavior to lock when changing engine type
Added on/off to Unison for Analog and Wavetable engines
New copy/paste effects settings
Improved MPE performance
Improved the interaction to edit modulators
Updated features
Enhanced filter and effects routing
Improved envelopes performance
Added new filter routing options, to allow more possibilities for splitting individual filter outputs to insert effects A & B
Added sample engine snap to zero crossing points
Added sample playback recall to parameters in the edit tab
Added Mono bass and Natural modes to the stereo pan effect
Added new fine tuning mode “Offset” to oscillators 2 and 3 in the analog engine
Added the option to import custom samples in AIFF
Added Release button to activate or deactivate sample in release mode
Added Scale control to invert the functions polarity
Bug fixes:
When MPE is enabled, Macro 1 is now disabled
No more window resizing issue when using the preset browser
No more errors on filters and envelopes when using automations with Logic pro in Big Sur
Sample and hold rise and fall values are now working perfectly when trigger is set to Poly KBD
No more display bugs on Macros in the preset browser when resizing the window
Wavefolding modulation now works perfectly when deactivating unison chord
Fixed an issue that was causing the sidechain amounts to 50 on other modulation sources

Compatibility: Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra or higher
Size:716 MB [716 MB]


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