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Audio Assault RVXX v1.0.1


Audio Assault RVXX v1.0.1 OSX-iND

Aggressive High Gain Amp Simulator.
RVXX is a Two Channel Amp Sim based on an extremely aggressive high gain lunchbox amp with a very big bite, we recreated a tone that gives you the perfect balance for modern Metal.
Our new profiling method gets the dynamic you need to feel the power of a tube amp sounding in the next room, amp sims will never be the same after playing RVXX.

RVXX Features
•Dual Channels
•Aggression & Mid Width Controls
•3 Band equalizer, Presence & Depth controls
•Master (adds saturation in the power amp section)
•Gate, In & Out controls
•Stomp, Amp & Cab engagement
•12 Wild Built-in IRs (by SeaCow Cabs)
•IR loader

Available Only for 64 bits Windows, Mac & Linux.
Supported formats : VST2(Win/Mac), VST3 (Win/Mac),AAX(Win/Mac), AU(Mac),Jack Audio App(Linux)

Size:127 MB [127 MB]


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