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AVTouchBar 3.0.6


AVTouchBar 3.0.6 macOS

AVTouchBar is a fully customizable, versatile Touch Bar audio visualization utility


  • Audio Selection – works with the internal microphone and system audio
  • Note: For system audio, you will need to install a third party audio driver to select it in the menu
  • Color Selection – Use the menu bar to choose the color of the audio visualizer or to quit the app
  • Color Manager – Use the color manager to easily create, delete, import, and share custom color gradients
  • Color Creation – Easily add, delete, and adjust nodes to create your favorite gradients
  • Basic Mode – Let AVTouchBar automate all the settings for you
  • Advanced Mode – Freedom to customize everything
  • Touch Bar Gestures:
  • Single Finger Tap – Change Color
  • Single Finger Long Press – Toggle Fullscreen Mode
  • Single Finger Slide – Volume Up/Down
  • Aggregate Output Device – When needed, AVTouchBar will automatically create an aggregate output device for you. This aggregate device automatically deletes itself upon closing of the app. No setup required and no messing with inputs/outputs
  • Efficiency – While using the system audio, CPU usage will sit around 30%. If using the built in microphone, CPU usage will be around 20%. For real-time audio graphical analysis running at 60 frames per second, this is running efficiently

What’s new

  • App will now remember which option you chose for “Create aggregate device” when app relaunches
  • Will now remember the fft value you selected when app relaunches
  • Fixed a bug with the frequency steppers where value was not being registered

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later 64-bit
Size:7 MB [7 MB]


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