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Backgrounds 9.0


Backgrounds 9.0 MAS macOS

Backgrounds makes your desktop dynamic with 6 themes: iTunes, Parallax, Quartz, Video, System and Time. It is designed for Mac users who want to make the backgrounds of their computer screens more attractive, stylish, and dynamic. This can be done by adding brand new features and helpful widgets to your screen to achieve an exquisite and original desktop appearance.

1) iTunes Theme:
Shows the artwork of iTunes’ current track as a wallpaper. Or a music video

  • Play a video that matches the current track, excellent for playing music videos.
  • Use the track’s first artwork, a random one, the one that best matches the current display or all artworks changing every 20 seconds.
  • Activates automatically when music is playing.
  • Fullscreen mode available.

2) Parallax Theme:
Give depth to your desktop by moving the cursor.

  • Uses the user desktop image or images.
  • Flip the x or y axis movement direction.

3) Video Theme:
Play any video as your desktop wallpaper.

  • Express yourself with your own videos and live wallpapers
  • Add your own video loop to make it even better.
  • Add multiple files and play everything as a playlist.

4) Quartz Theme:
Run any Quartz Composition as a wallpaper.

  • Make your own Quartz Compositions or download them.
  • Access to iTunes current track info.

5) System Theme:
Monitor the CPU and Network usage.

  • Get a glance of your system from Notification Center with the included widget.
  • Set your own bandwidth speed limits or leave it as 0 for dynamic mode.
  • Set it as transparent for combining it with your Desktop Image.
  • Adjust the pointer speed and the update frequency.
  • Set the size and position that you like the most.
  • Measure your connection as bits or bytes.
  • Stack gauges vertically.

6) Time Theme:
Know the time from your Desktop.

  • Customise attributes like the Font, Size, Position, Color and Shadow.
  • Show or hide the day, month and seconds.

What’s New:

Version 9.0
Backgrounds 9 brings full support for macOS Big Sur, expands Scripting support, includes new features for pausing playback in the Video theme, ability to add multiple URLs, reorder items and video playback options for the Web theme and more. This update also includes improvements and bug fixes.


  • Idle Theme settings are now configurable per screen
  • Adds Hide Other Apps to the menu bar icon and Dock menu
  • Adds new options to the contextual menu for Music, Video, Quartz and Web to Enter or Exit Full Screen


  • Loop, shuffle and mute properties are now assigned per playlist
  • Includes new options for pausing a video
  • Pause a video when on battery, CPU usage is high or an app is open
  • Adds new options to the contextual menu to Play or Pause a video
  • Includes Dark mode version of the default video animation


  • Improves default rich text formats


  • Rebuilt to allow new features
  • Add multiple Web URLs along with folders
  • Reorder Web Items
  • Loop and mute video on YouTube


  • Expands support to more features
  • Adds the new commands to the included example script


  • ⇧ Shift-double-click to show the music player in Music
  • ⌥ Option-double-click to show the current file in Video, Quartz, Web and video files in Music

macOS 11 Big Sur

  • Backgrounds is now fully compatible with macOS Big Sur
  • New app icon designed for Big Sur


  • User experience and UI improvements
  • Performance improvements


  • Fixes an issue that prevented colors from being changed for System
  • Fixes an issue that would cause the Music Theme to crash

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor

Size:95.03 MB [95.03 MB]


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