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BarLinks 1.1.0


BarLinks 1.1.0 macOS

Too many bookmarks saved in your browser can be annoying to find and open.

It’s a pain to find a bookmark you’ve saved before that’s now buried along with 100’s of other sites.
You don’t want to save any more bookmarks because it’ll make everything more difficult.
BarLinks let’s you store, quickly find and open bookmarks right from your menu bar.
It opens any link you save in a new tab using your default browser.
You don’t have to be using your browser to open bookmarks from BarLinks.
It will automatically switch to your browser while you’re using any other app on your Mac.
Store any extra bookmarks that you wouldn’t have usually saved on your browser.
You can set a custom Keyboard shortcut to instantly show BarLinks and access your bookmarks from the menu bar.

Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Mac App Store


Size:5.26 MB
FilesBarLinks_1.1_MAS_[TNT] [5.26 MB]


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