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Blocs 4.2.0


Blocs 4.2.0 macOS

Blocs for Mac is a fast, easy-to-use, powerful visual web-design tool that lets you create beautiful, modern websites without the need to write code. Cleverly designed to accommodate complete beginners or those familiar with web design. You will love building with Blocs.


  • Designed For Simplicity – Building with Blocs is simple and fun. A clean, intuitive interface makes creating sites unbelievably quick. Simply click, select, edit and enjoy stacking blocks to build your website. Its ease of use will make you feel right at home.
  • Powerful Styling features – Behind the simplified interface of Blocs lie some of its more advanced editing features. When you are ready to get more creative with your designs, Blocs will grow with you. You set the pace.
  • Create CMS-Driven Websites – Blocs has integrated support for a range of premium (paid) and open source (free) third-party content management systems. It’s now possible to easily create powerful, dynamic websites, that can be updated and contributed to, right from your web browser.
  • Time-Saving features – Paint mode, global swatches, auto text colouring and one click animations are just a few of the playful, time saving features in Blocs. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can create a website.

What’s New:

Version 4.2.0:
New & Improved

  • Localised app to French, German and Spanish.
  • Bootstrap 5 (beta 3) support.
  • Combine JS and CSS into single files on export.
  • Updated Jquery to 3.6.0
  • Updated Lazysizes to 5.3.0
  • Wrap Bric in div container function.
  • WordPress custom loop controls.
  • Below dashboard position option for WordPress custom post type.
  • Select the open accordion item.
  • Support for more CSS Selectors.
  • Improved text editing so caret is not hidden at the beginning of a line.
  • Support to uninstall custom Blocs from the Bloc Bar.
  • Improved animation triggers for items above fold.
  • Multiple page delete option.
  • Framework variable support for custom Bric init function.
  • New framework setting in Bric Builder.
  • Developer short code to identify preview and export modes.
  • Prevent developer console being hidden behind main application window.
  • Custom Bric help button in sidebar header.
  • Canvas broadcast process (used for Solis) moved to a background thread for better performance.
  • Load jQuery in header for WordPress themes (required for plugins etc).
  • Minor optimisations for faster export and preview speeds.


  • Fixed issue that caused navigation drop downs to go offscreen when too close to edge.
  • Fixed issue that caused images to not show on pages that are set to exclude from export in preview mode.
  • Fixed issue that caused WordPress new page options to show on static projects.
  • Fixed issue that caused Bloc IDs to be wiped when duplicating Blocs to other pages.
  • Fixed issue that prevented editing span and link text when nested within text Brics.
  • Fixed issue that caused WordPress data feed for Archive-Title to add the wrong php, it is now the_archive_title();
  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash on M1 when a transparent border is used.
  • Fixed rare issue that caused M1 Macs to crash when deleting items.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Extension Manager to be blank.
  • Fixed a range of preview issues with Solis.
  • Fixed modal preview code for Solis.
  • Fixed issue that prevented sidebar inspector showing correct text alignment settings.
  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when right clicking a text element with its alignment set to justify.
  • Fixed issue that made it possible to clear nav toggle ID.
  • Fixed issue that caused background position settings to break when parallax is applied.
  • Fixed various issues with disabling Google fonts.
  • Fixed issue that prevented all classes being removed when remove unused classes is used and there are a lot of unused classes.
  • Fixed issue that prevented all assets being removed when remove unused assets is used and there are a lot of unused assets.
  • Fixed label refresh issue when removing unused Assets and Classes.
  • Fixed issue with hosted mp3 files not being linked correctly.
  • Fixed a typo in WordPress enque script functions.
  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate background image classes for Blocs.
  • Fixed issue that caused Pseudo classes with Pseudo elements to not show in Class Manager.

Compatibility: OS X 10.13 or later 64-bit


Size:36.51 MB [36.51 MB]


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