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Blue Iris Crack + License key is Here [2021] | Tested

Blue Iris Keygen incl Full Version

blue iris crack

Blue Iris Crack is a video security windows software that allows you to use up to 64 cameras and capture videos in MP4, Windows Media File, AVI, and advanced DVI or snapshots in JPEG formats. You can download Blue Iris from its official website. However, to benefit from the features of the Blue Iris fully, you have to purchase it. You can check their pricing schemes here.

You can record IP Cameras, CCTV, and Web Cameras simultaneously through Blue Iris with license key, and it offers flexibility because it is compatible with various major DVR and IP camera brands. If you have storage issues in your device, you don’t need to worry about the captured media size because Blue Iris uses a compression technique, which we’ll discuss in its features later on. So what are you waiting for? Give Blue Iris a try right now!

Blue Iris v5.3.7.5 2021 Key Features:

Blue Iris provides multiple features. So let’s take a look at every feature of Blue Iris torrent till version

1: Video Security:

With Blue Iris, you can keep an eye on your business, cars, house, and other valuable items by enabling recording through motion or audio sense. Unlike other CCTV cameras, it can record audio as well, but that is optional. You can also take screenshots in the form of JEPG and other Windows File Formats. To increase security on a shared Pc, the Blue Iris will run as a windows service.

2: Web Server:

Blue Iris also has a web interface known as UI3 that enables you to bring Blue Iris with you anywhere you go. Because now you can remotely control from anywhere in the world and through any web-supported/enabled device. You can view the detailed log information. You can also zoom and pan, which gives you complete control over your recordings. You can also apply permission to viewing by using user authentications.

3: Video Compression:

Blue Iris uses H.264/H.265 compression techniques to ensure that your recorded video will never exceed your expected media size, and you won’t run out of storage in your device so that you will enjoy uninterrupted service of Blue Iris

4: Remote Management:

You can manage the whole process remotely. With the Mobile access now provided, you can easily navigate the camera, view recorded or live videos, listen or talk, and manage multiple installations.

5: UI Refresh:

Blue Iris has updated the interface in the 5th version for its users to enjoy the services of Blue Iris without any difficulties.

6: Alert Actions Lists:

Whenever the system is armed, you can set up a timer for that. You can also receive alerts through notifications, emails, calls, messages, or external programs/scripts. The alert received through phone calls also provides the facility of automatic redial.

What’s New in Blue Iris v5.3.7.5?

Let’s see what Blue Iris has changed in the version:

  • The Get event function of ONVIF has improved, and now it selects only events relevant to the camera’s chosen video source configuration.
  • Blue Iris removed the Params box, and If you have specified anything there, you will find that at the end of the video path.
  • Now you can select the ONVIF profile for every main or sub-streams.
  • The new ONVIF device inspection pulls all of the available video profiles and their details (used to differentiate multiple cameras on the same device).

System Requirements:

  • Blue Iris with Crack requires a RAM of at least 2GB. However, you can use a better RAM for optimal performance.
  • Blue Iris ( requires a 2.0GHz DualCore Processor (at least). If you are an AMD user, you can use the equivalent processor. However, you can use the latest processors for better performance.
  • Blue Iris ( supports Windows-7, Windows-10, Windows-8 (64-bit versions).
  • For an efficient screen display Blue Iris ( requires an NVIDIA graphics adapter.
  • You should use an SSD with or 7200+ RPM drives to have optimal Blue Iris ( performance.
  • Blue Iris requires an Analog Capture Card with Directshow Drivers or multiple USB or Network IP Camera.

Blue Iris Crack v5.3.7.5 Method:

  1. After the Blue Iris Software installation. Open the Crack BI folder.
  2. Extract, Copy the Cracked DLL file and paste it into the installation directory in Windows C > Program Files > Blue Iris.
  3. Run the software and check it out.
  4. All Done !!!! Enjoy Blue Iris fully registered version.

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