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BookMacster 2.12


BookMacster 2.12 macOS

BookMacster is a bookmarks manager for your Mac, which plays nicely with iCloud, Sign In to Chrome, and Firefox Sync. It can be used in three ways, or all three:

  • Manage Browser Bookmarks. Add alphabetizing and tagging. Verify, fix dupes, consolidate.
  • Cross-Browser Syncing. Sync bookmarks of Safari Firefox, Chrome, and more among all your devices.
  • Directly. Keep your bookmarks in one central store, accessible within web browsers.


  • Compatible with iCloud’s Safari syncing, Google Chrome’s Sign In, and Firefox Sync. Bookmarks added to Safari from BookMacster on your Mac will sync via iCloud to Safari on iOS devices.
  • Import/export with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iCab, Opera 11-12, Roccat, Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, and OmniWeb.
  • Easily organize with Tags, Hierarchy, or both.
  • Verifies bookmarks, fixes redirects and duplicates.
  • Sort (alphabetize) automatically when bookmarks are changed. You control which folders you want to be sorted or not sorted, how to sort them.
  • Supports multiple User Profiles in Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Scriptable to collect new bookmarks from NetNewsWire or similar apps.

What’s New:

Version 2.12:

  • No longer exports to the legacy Bookmarks Menu hard folder in Safari.  During your first export to Safari with this version or later, any items in a Bookmarks Menu will be appended to any existing items in Safari’s root level instead.  So, the items will still appear in the main menu Bookmarks on your Mac as they always have.  But in Safari on any iOS devices synced by iCloud, they will appear at the root level, and the legacy Bookmarks
  • Menu which previously appeared under Favorites in iOS will be gone.  Summary: Although this is a rather serious change under the hood, you may not even notice it.  Your bookmarks will be organized more uniformly across macOS and iOS devices, and more importantly, you will avoid a couple of new issues which we have seen when the legacy Bookmarks Menu is populated in macOS 12 Monterey.
  • Can now export new folders to Safari in macOS 12 (Safari 15), instead of crashing the underlying process (Pajara or SheepSafariHelper) while indicating indeterminate progress, and finally, after 5 minutes, failing and displaying timeout Error 591200, with a Suggestion to fix… that does not work.
  • Corrected the Full Disk Access warnings and errors to give better information for macOS 11.4 and later, since when Apple requires that our syncing agent (BkmxAgent) be granted Full Disk Access on its own because it no longer just inherits it from BookMacster, Synkmark or Smarky.
  • Notification of any error occuring in our syncing agent (BkmxAgent) is now presented in modern fashion, via the macOS Notification Center, instead of the more reliable but ugly and very annoying old CFUserNotification dialog, which unconditionally splashed into the center of the screen like the Kool-Aid Man.
  • Fixed bug which caused the Hint Arrow for Safe Limit Export to point incorrectly at the Import button instead of the Advanced (gear) button, and modernized the appearance of the Hint Arrow for users with macOS 10.14 or later.
    When exporting to Safari, now checks to see if there is one or more groups of folders at root or in Reading List with the same name, at least one of which is empty, and if so, aborts the export with a new Error 394842, which suggests how to fix the issue, instead of allowing the export to fail with Error 772030 because Safari rejects such folders.
  • Fixed a few more pathological cases which could cause churn when exporting to Chrome-ish browsers bookmarks whose scheme portions of their URLs are, in certain ways, invalid or non-standard in the eyes of Chrome.  (Chrome will either modify the scheme to make it valid and standard, for example by lowercasing uppercase alphabet characters, and/or prepending “http://” and percent-encoding disallowed characters; or in some cases just ignoring the bookmark.  For simplicity and robustness, our fix here is to simply not export any such bookmark, the same as we have for years not exported bookmarks other bookmarks which have URL characteristics previously found to not play well with Chrome.)
  • Fixed rare occurrence of the syncing agent (BkmxAgent) not launching or relaunching as required when syncing is ready.  Possibly this was only occuring in macOS 12.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Size:22.3 MB [22.3 MB]


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