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Clobbr – Test Endpoint Speed 1.5.1

Clobbr – Test Endpoint Speed 1.5.1 MAS macOS

Clobbr is a developer tool that allows you to test your api endpoints to see how well they perform under multiple requests (clobber your apis!), in sequence or parallel.

Regardless if you’re testing a REST, GraphQL or cloud function Clobbr has got you covered!

Powerful, yet simple and delightful user interface.

  • Make requests to multiple endpoints with ease.
  • Set up request timeouts, headers, payload and much more
  • Explore results as a beautiful list, summarizing your settings
  • Analyse charts with response times and easily re-run tests
  • Delve into key stats such as standard deviation, percentiles and more

Configure requests.

  • Easily configure verb (GET, PUT, POST etc.)
  • Set number of iterations
  • Toggle between http/s with ease

Send data with a request.

  • Set data in the built-in JSON editor
  • Include in POST, PUT etc requests
  • Save data settings between runs

Set headers with ease.

  • Configure headers for each request
  • Use scripts to get/set dynamic headers
  • Save header settings between runs

Take control of the UI.

  • Toggle between light or dark modes
  • Clear data with ease
  • Customise app behaviour with advanced settings

All data stored locally. Your privacy comes first.

  • None of the request or result data is stored on a server
  • No account needed
  • No tracking whatsoever

What’s New:

Version 1.5.0

  • This release contains major improvements to data presentation in charts and improved handling for a large number of requests, as well as all-round improvements to the user interface.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Mac App Store

Size:154 MB [154 MB]


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