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CrystalMaker X v10.5.5


CrystalMaker X v10.5.5 macOS

CrystalMaker is an award-winning Mac program for building, displaying and manipulating all kinds of crystal and molecular structures.

CrystalMaker makes it easy to load structural data and generate photo-realistic images, with the option of “out-of-the-screen” 3D images. Models can be displayed immediately in ball-and-stick, thermal ellipsoid, space-filling, wire-frame, stick and polyhedral model types. All aspects of the model can be extensively customized, with a wide range of photo-realistic or stylized “line-art” representations. See our online gallery for 3D movies, rotating crystals, animations, and slideshows.

CrystalMaker is offered at a variety of price points for various license types. The published price is that of the standard license, typical of professional licenses. There are also educational and student licenses available for qualifying purchases.

What’s new

  • Ready for Big Sur! This version includes a number of workarounds to ensure optimum display on macOS 11 “Big Sur”. This includes fixes for background and bond previews, changes in font metrics and, critically, improvements to thumbnail display in the Sidebar, to account for the new list display in “Big Sur”
  • Reset Molecular Coordinates. A new Transform > Reset Molecular Coordinates command allows molecular structures to have their atomic coordinates reset so that they apply to the current screen axes (rather than an initial axial set when the structure was first created or imported)
  • Miscellaneous. This version includes miscellaneous enhancements and fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the display of dashed lines in polyhedra when perspective is enabled. Dashes could be drawn at the edges of the polyhedra, rather than inside the polyhedron
  • Fixed a rare issue with loading non-conventional element symbols from CIF files. Unconventional element symbols (such as “Va”) were converted to the closest-equivalent element symbol (e.g., “V”), which was not what some users were expecting. We now preserve these element symbols
  • Atomic radii set using the Selection Inspector can now be larger than 10 Å

Compatibility: OS X 10.10.0 or later
Size:306.8 MB [306.8 MB]


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