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D16 Group Syntorus 2 v2.1.1


D16 Group Syntorus 2 v2.1.1 macOS

Chorus with real analog feel
Flawlessly emulates the bucket-brigade device (BBD) technology of vintage solid-state electronic delays.

Three BBD delay lines
We’ve added a third BBD delay line for a fatter, richer chorus sound.

Configurable modulation
Route three LFOs to the three delay lines in various topologies for more creative freedom.

Filter and tremolo
Each delay line includes its own multimode filter and tremolo effect for rotary speaker emulation and more.

Effortless synchronization
Lock LFO frequency and phase to the host DAW’s tempo and song position.

# Fixed
– Occasional skin initalization issue

# Added
– macOS: Catalina + Big Sur (for Intel based computers only) support
that includes notarization and digital signing

IMPORTANT: As concequence starting with this version plugin
is no longer compatible with 32-Bit only host applications
(like ProTools 10 HD for example)

– Windows: digital signature for msi installers

# Fixed
– Misbehaviour of preset change alert
– Minor bugs

# Changed
– Code maintenance

Tested, working on macOS Catalina and Big Sur


Size: 22.1 MB
Files [22.1 MB]


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