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Debookee 7.5.2


Debookee 7.5.2 macOS

Debookee is a LAN and Wi-Fi packet-capture tool and network analyzer that allows you to see what your devices are sending over the network.


  • One click SSL/TLS decryption for your own and all targets traffic
  • See full HTTPS URLs, HTTPS headers and HTTPS response codes (Full raw payload data is not shown)
  • Decrypt IMAPS email traffic (soon on POP3s/SMTPs/FTPS)
  • Full raw data is shown, not only headers
  • Intercept traffic from any device on your network: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC, Mac, etc. Now you can analyze the traffic of devices that can’t support packet capture, such as mobile, tablets, etc.
  • Real-time packet capture analysis: extraction of requests details such as: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP, DHCP.
  • LanScan Pro integrated: To perform an initial scan of your network, a version of LanScan Pro is integrated in Debookee.
  • Wifi connection details: Channel, Signal Strength, MAC address of the Access Point …
  • Monitor activity of all Wi-Fi devices around you, access points, and clients
  • Per Wi-Fi client, display data transmitted/received, %errors, data rates, %retries.

What’s New:

Version 7.5.1:

  • Dozens of crashing bugs fixed, see details in 7.5.0 beta releases below
  • Upgrade Wireshark from 2.0.1 to 3.2.6
  • LanScan: Enhanced DNS resolution : a lot of results were missing on large scans
  • LanScan: Implemented printing feature with tabs separated raw data (like export files)
  • LanScan: Scan is now stopped if network interface disconnects
  • LanScan: Enhanced scans of large IP ranges
  • NA module: Own HTTP traffic wasn’t shown when decrypting TLS for targets only
  • SSL module: Upgraded mitmproxy from 4.0.4dev1 to 5.2
  • WM module: On 10.15.6, airport now reassociate automatically when monitoring stops, asking for keychain access
  • WM module: Enhanced coherence between cached access points found before scan and during scan
  • Launching Debookee for the 1st time doesn’t ask you admin password directly : waits for TLS view or start NA module
  • Fixed non working script in “Help -> Support -> Uninstall Packet Capture Tool” due to macOS security features
  • Minimum macOS version is now 10.14
  • Updated MAC addresses vendors

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

Size:51.07 MB [51.07 MB]


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