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Disk Space Saver 2.5.1


Disk Space Saver 2.5.1 macOS

Disk Space Saver is a disk space analyzer, that will help you to find large space hogs on a hard drive in seconds! And free up disk space easily in a click! The software visualizes all data on the hard drive so you can spot & delete large files and folders in a simple click.

The hierarchical structure displays large space hogs inside any folder and its subfolders and allows you to navigate through them natively. Disk Space Saver is blazingly fast, intuitively simple, and is good to go as soon as downloaded!

All Features:

Visual representation allows you easily spot and delete large files and folders

Human First
Human is unbeatable in making correct decisions on what to delete

Blazingly Fast
Scanning 1,000,000 files takes les than a minute!

Intuitively Simple
It is so simple as 1 2 3. For all ages and for all users!

Saves Hundreds of GBs
The user knows better what he doesn’t need, and can free up hundreds of GBs!

Multiple Charts
Supports multiple charts for better disk content representation

Hierarchical structure displays large space hogs inside any folder

Protect system files and folders from accidental removal.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor,
Size:73 MB [73 MB]


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