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DiskGenius Professional Crack is Here [2020] | Tested


DiskGenius 5 Keygen incl Full Version

DiskGenius Crack

DiskGenius 5.4.0 Crack is a utility software that will help you in recovering your deleted data or files. However, it can do more than just recovering your data. DiskGenius can help you Manage your hard disk by finding your system problems and help you fix them. Like, DiskGenius can recover your corrupted partition and restore your partition. Once DiskGenius completes your data recovery, DiskGenius can help you in the security enhancement of your hard disk. The software can also let you backup your data to restore it later.

DiskGenius with serial key has three versions DiskGenius Free, DiskGenius Professional, and DiskGenius Standard. You can have the free version (of course) without any cost. The Free Version provides the Basic features of the software so that you can manage your partition or disk and recover lost files of your home-based or commercial-use system. The Standard Version provides the Basic features of the software to backup your system and uses other disk utilities like managing or recovering disk’s data and recovering partition. And you can have the Standard Version for $69.90. However, the Professional Version gives you advanced features like, Managing Virtual Disks, Recovering BitLocker Drive, Loading the Partition Intelligently, and Accessing EXT-2, EXT-3, and EXT-4 drives. Today we’ll be talking about the Professional Version of DiskGenius, which you can get for $99.90.

DiskGenius Pro 2020 Key Features:

We’ll be discussing the newly introduced features and some common features exist in DiskGenius:

1: Support in Parsing Window Storage Pools:

We all know that you can create storage space out of space/capacity you’ve created by grouping three or more drives using Windows Storage Pools. So DiskGenius now supports parsing Windows Storage Pools, and you can operate with read-only access with them.

2: System Migration:

If there is enough unallocated space in the target disk, the advanced feature of system migration will allow you to keep the target disk’s existing partition.

3: Backup and Restore:

When you need to backup your data, DiskGenius with torrent file will let you (backup your data) by using its feature called Clone Partition, which helps you a lot while backing up your data. Later on, whenever you want, you can restore your backed-up data.

4: Partition Manager:

You can edit (resize), delete, create, or even manage an existing partition using the DiskGenius partition. Somehow your partition got corrupted, so you can restore it by rebuilding MBR (Master Boot Record is a small section of a storage device containing information about the storage device). The software can also detect any partitioning error.

5: Data Recovery:

DiskGenius can and will detect your disk defects and can recover every type of file you’ve lost due to any disk failure. That’s just the wide range DiskGenius is offering to its customers.

6: Disk Utilities:

DiskGenius can help you in increasing the security of your system by recovering your corrupted disks or partition. Plus, it can also create, edit, delete, modify a partition. This easy-to-use software comes with a simpler UI that performs every disk utility faster and easier than any other tool.

Improvements in Version:

In this new version (, a few improvements have made to DiskGenius:

  • Optimize file recovery functions for both NTFS and FAT32 partitions.
  • You can now adjust the partition’s beginning location on an MBR disk using the partition resize function.
  • The software can now work uninterruptedly (without any fault) during the file extraction from Partition Backup Image File (.pmf).

Fixes in Version:

In this new version, a lot of bugs was fixed:

  • They have fixed the problem people face with the visibility of Dynamic Volumes and File of EXT4 partition.
  • They also solved the issue of program crashing.
  • Solved the issue of disappearing drive letters after resizing the partition.
  • Solved the issues people were facing in the Partition function.
  • They have fixed the issue with clearing the file list during file extraction from .pmf.

System Requirements:

DiskGenius Professional is small software with not amazing stuff required.

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, and even Windows XP will be suitable for DiskGenius.
  • Software is compatible with both Architectures (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Setup Size is around 60MB (can vary version-to-version vise).
  • The software requires an Intel Dual-Core Processor with 1GB RAM.

DiskGenius Professional Crack v5.4.0 Method:

  1. Disable your internet connection,
  2. Install the software By clicking the Silent Installation cmd file.
  3. Follow the instructions and Install it.
  4. No need to enter any license code because It’s a Pre-Cracked Version.

All done !!! Enjoy

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