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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack Full Version [2022]


Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7 Keygen incl Full Version

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack

Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.2 Crack: Whether you are using cloud storage to back up your images or using an external hard drive for this purpose, no one can tell that you are backing up the same image again. So, this will not only take up extra space but also make it is almost impossible for you to clean up your picture collection because there are tons of photos. And that’s where Duplicate Photo Cleaner comes in.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner with license key is a cross-platform application that will help you find the duplicate picture, delete the extra copies, and compare a particular folder or an image against a set of another folder and an image, respectively. You can download the free un-registered version of the tool, but that won’t allow you to remove more than 10 duplicate images. Also, it always keeps showing you the Nag Screen. So, you’ll have to purchase the tool and to do download it from our website. Let’s find out what more Duplicate Photo Cleaner can do in the feature section down below 👇🏻.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner v7.2.0.9 Key Features:

1: Duplicate Photo Finder:

On a Windows system or a MacOS-system, having duplicate photos can be a nightmare because not only they take extra space but also it will slow down the other processes of our system like Scanning of your system, backing up your data to the cloud service, and speaking of Cloud services; the duplicate photos will increase your network consumption by using a lot of bandwidth. So, it’s necessary to use a professional’s help here because finding duplicate pictures is not as same as finding duplicate documents because not only the file names are creepy but it will take a lot of time and that’s where Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.2 serial number can help you a lot. It will only take three steps to find and remove the duplicate photos out of your MacOS and Windows system.

2: Same Subject Scan:

The addition of Smartphone cameras and other digital cameras has made it easier for Picture Enthusiasts to take as many pictures as they can without worrying about the film. So, of one subject/scene, you take many photos to get your perfect click. Not only it increases the probability of having a perfect image, but also your disk space will be filled out with duplicates. And when you plan to remove them, you will know that comparing photos is not similar to comparing text files because for starters the file name is very long and secondly if we try to do this by ourselves, it can waste almost a day of a user depending upon the collection of photos, a user has. That’s where the Same Subject Scan module of Duplicate Photo Cleaner with torrent comes in and it uses the Smart Matching technology to help you automatically manage your bulk of selected photos.

3: Sector Detail Scan:

Sorting pictures, the way you want from a large collection of photos can be mind-boggling because you have to go through all of them, preview them, and selecting other photos by repeating the same procedure but Sector Detail Scan of Duplicate Photo Cleaner has got you covered. The sector detail scan makes it easier to sort the photos containing a common sector, like a Boat or a Car. All you need to do is select a sector from an image and it will search for other images containing that sector detail. You will get precise results with the sector-by-sector scan of Duplicate Photo Cleaner.

4: Folder Comparison Scan:

Yes! Picture comparison is great but what about the whole folder comparison? Because there will be scenarios such as if you have backed up your pictures to cloud storage or external hard drive and when you need to backup some new collection, you have to check the previous ones so that there will be no duplicate shots. And that’s where the Folder Comparison Scan module can assist you. All you have to do is select your target folder and the other folder that contains your original image, it will check your target folder’s images against the original folder’s images and you will get rid of your duplicate photos in a few minutes (depending upon your collection).

5: Mobile Smart Scan:

Since the arrival of Smartphones in this world, the cameras are so advanced now; you don’t worry about their films anymore because these are digital cameras that use memory cards to contain pictures. And research shows that 30% of the people have bad pictures on their smartphones either they are duplicate ones or the users don’t have time to go through a ton of images to remove a particular one but the Mobile Smart Scan feature of Duplicate Photo Cleaner can help you with that and you will be able to increase your storage without uninstalling any app.

6: Lightroom Scan:

Adobe Lightroom enhances an image in every way and that’s the reason why professionals are using this tool. However, the problem with Adobe Lightroom is, it will create a large-sized picture that is similar to the picture showing up in the catalog of your Adobe Lightroom but with Lightroom Scan of Duplicate Photo Cleaner, you can easily manage your Lightroom pictures. The results will be exceptional because the tool is specifically designed for Adobe Lightroom.

7: Picasa Scan:

Picasa may be discontinued now but a lot of users are still using it to organize, edit, and view their pictures. Back in the day, (before Google Photos) it was a great alternative to Google Photos for MacOS and Windows users. Overall, Picasa was a great tool but there’s one problem with the tool, it can’t detect whether you are uploading a copy of the image or the original image. So, sometimes people end up uploading the same image twice and this will waste your space. So, Picasa Scan of Duplicate Photo Cleaner with crack is specifically designed to overcome this problem.

8: PaintShop Pro Scan:

PaintShop Pro is a famous and intuitive tool to manipulate your images and it’s a great alternative to Adobe’s paid plan because the app offers powerful tools yet keeping an easy-to-use interface. Again, the problem with this tool is, the unavailability to scan similar and duplicate images so Duplicate Photo Cleaner has designed a specific module for Coral PaintShop Pro named PaintShop Pro Scan that will assist you to get rid of your PaintShop Pro similar pictures.

9: Photos Scan:

The Photos Scan app will assist MacOS users to create a stylish gallery, edit their pictures, and share them with their family or friends. So, Duplicate Photo Cleaner will help you clean up your MacOS photos and organize them in a better way,

Version History:

Version v7.2.0.9 of Duplicate Photo Cleaner was released 1th December 2021 and let’s see what are the updates and additions in this update:

  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner has added the Portuguese user manual.
  • Now to disable/enable the removing of empty folders, there’s a new setting in the options.
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner has improved the backward compatibility with older versions of Windows.
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner has updated the translation packs.

System Requirements:

  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8, and Windows-10.
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner supports Mac OS X versions from Lion (10.6) to Mojave (10.14).
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner requires at least a 400MHz CPU.
  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7 requires 5MB of free hard disk space and at least 128MB of RAM.
  • It would be best if you use a better CPU and RAM.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack v7.2 Method:

  1. Install Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.2 Program.
  2. Open the “Crack DPC” folder and Extract the Cracked zip files
  3. Copy all 3 fix files and paste them into the software installation folder in Windows C > Program Files.
    5: All done !!! Enjoy fully activated Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7

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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Crack

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