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FastStone Capture 9.7 Crack Full Version is Here [2021] | Tested

FastStone Capture 9 Keygen incl Full Version

FastStone Crack

FastStone Capture 9.7 Crack: Screen recording has become an essential thing for instructors in these testing (COVID) times because when classes have gone virtual, instructors have to explain everything through their laptops by annotating specific parts of the screen during a presentation. But the applications that provide the functionality of screen recording utilize heavy computer resources and not every instructor has the knowledge and budget of increasing their system’s resources. That’s where FastStone Capture 9 enters.

What is FastStone Capture 9?

FastStone Capture with serial key is a lightweight but still powerful and feature-rich screen capturer that allows its users to not only perform the functionality of screen recording but also allows them to capture a single screenshot. So, being a lightweight application, still, this software provides dual functionalities.

The interface of this application is pretty minimized as it consists of a small toolbar where you will find all the options for screen recording, screens capturing, finalizing an output, and adding an input.

Key Features of FastStone Capture:

  1. With the help of FastStone Capture, you can capture anything on your system’s screen such as multiple windows or objects. Moreover, you can capture the full screen or a particular area of a screen by drawing the rectangle.
  2. One of the most liked features about FastStone Capture is its ability to capture the screen in free-hand mode. You can use this mode and the software will keep track of your hand’s movement and capture that area of the screen where your hand went.
  3. This lightweight software also allows you to capture scrolling screenshots, so when you are reading something long in your web browser, you can make use of FastStone Capture 9.7 registration code for capturing the screenshot.
  4. Screenshotting is good, but its screen recording facility impresses the users most as there are no heavy system resources requirements, but still, you can capture any activity on your screen with the help of FastStone Capture.
  5. Even if you want to create a tutorial session for your fans or students, you can do that with FastStone Capture, as this software also allows you to capture your audio via the microphone or speakers of your system.
  6. FastStone Capture with torrent also provides the facility of sending the captured media (right from the tool) to the printer, clipboard, (some) email client, built-in editor (program), MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, OneNote.
  7. Once you’ve sent the captured media to its editor program, you can annotate the captured media there, by drawing shapes (on it), highlighting particular areas, adding watermarks, applying edge effects, changing the sharpness, cropping the media and perform various other features.
  8. If the internal (built-in) editor is not enough for you, you can even send the captured media to an external editor as well.
  9. If you have a website, you can upload the captured media directly from the tool to your (particular) website, such as the power this tool brings to your system.
  10. Once you’ve captured the media, if the media is a picture, then you can save it in PDF, PCX, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA and TIFF formats. However, if you’ve recorded a video, then you can only save it in WMV (Windows Movie Video) format.
  11. FastStone Capture also provides the facility of Color Picker and this feature will be very useful for color-blind people.
  12. While recording a tutorial or video session, you can even concentrate on a particular area of the screen by using the magnifier.
  13. Last but not the least, you can use the shortcut keys to perform operations like a professional and at a quick pace.

System Requirements:

FastStone Capture with crack is a lightweight Windows application and it doesn’t have any special hardware requirements. However, the official website recommends using a system of the following capabilities:

  • FastStone Capture (9.7) supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of:
    • Windows-XP.
    • Windows-Vista.
    • Windows-7.
    • Windows-8/8.1.
    • Windows-10.
  • FastStone Capture (9.7) requires at least 256MB of RAM and 15MB of free hard disk space.

Version History:

FastStone has released version 9.7 of FastStone Capture on 18st May 2021 and FastStone has made various additions, enhancements and fixed in this particular release. So, let’s see the version history in detail!


FastStone has made the following additions in version 9.7 of FastStone Capture:

  • For duplicating the current tab as a new tab, a new option with the name “Send to New Tab”. You can access this option via Alt+C.
  • A new count-down text box to the “Delay before Capture” option.
  • An “Apply” button in the settings window.
  • A new output option with the name “One Note”.
  • Two new options with the name “Minimize to System Tray” and “Stay on Screen” to “Run when Windows starts” option.
  • 3 new options in the Editor tab of the Settings menu:
    • “Use workspaces to group tabs”.
    • “Set default tool in Draw”.
    • “Highlight active tab”.
  • A new right-click menu to the “Capture Fixed-Size Region” option.
  • To the “Acquire Images from Scanner” option, two new options with the name “Contrast” and “Gamma” auto adjustment.
  • For the toolbar buttons of FastStone Editor, a new Tips
  • To insert the mouse pointer in the Draw tool, two new icons (for left and right-clicking).
  • In the Toolbar tab of the settings, a new option with the name “Delay before showing”.
  • To “Spotlight” effect, a new preview option.


FastStone has enhanced the following things in version 9.7 of FastStone Capture:

  • The “Screen Color Picker” option and now, after picking a screen color, you need to click the “New” color box for fine-tuning the color.
  • The “Make Background Transparent” option by adding 3 options:
    • Anti-aliased.
  • The “Print dialog” option and now you can:
    • Print file names in the header area and multiple images in batch mode.
  • The loading speed of the Draw tool and now it re-opens much faster.
  • The “Watermark” option and the watermark images are now resizable.
  • The “Fill with Color” option by adding 2 options:
    • Transparent Fill.
  • The “Open” and “Save As” dialog.


  • FastStone has made various minor bug fixes in FastStone Capture 9.7

FastStone Capture Crack 9.7 Method:

  1. Install the FastStone Capture Software.
  2. After the Program installation. Open the Keygen FC folder and Extract the Keygen zip file.
  3. Run the Keygen file as an admin and Select the FastStone Capture Product from the Product list.
  4. Then select license type as per your need and Put your username in the Name box.
  5. Now click on the copy button, Run the software and Open the software registration box and paste copied serial key there.

All Done !!! Enjoy Fully activated FastStone Capture.

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