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GaragePay 1.8.2


GaragePay 1.8.2 U2B macOS

GaragePay is a Mac application designed to make dealing with PayPal a lot easier.

It lets you download, view, search, and archive all your PayPal transactions without having to log into the PayPal website. Since all information resides in GaragePay’s own database the application can be used fully featured even without an internet connection. It downloads all transactions in all accounts while updating previously downloaded transactions.

GaragePay includes a couple of handy features. Through the filter mechanism eBay sellers can search for a transaction, a payer’s name and address or even single words in transaction messages. With the application’s Smart Folders you can keep track of payments from particular people or of transactions in a certain currency. If needed you can export CSV files that include all information shown in GaragePay’s main window. Last but not least, you can use as many PayPal accounts as you like at the same time.

Feature Overview:
Download PayPal transactions
GaragePay downloads all transactions in all your accounts while also updating previously downloaded transactions. Retrieve newly arrived transactions as needed with a simple menu command or keyboard shortcut.

Refund Money
One of your customers is not happy? Well it can happen. Giving a refund has never been quicker so that you can stop being angry and continue concentrating on your business in no time. Partial refunds and adding a message fully supported.

Send Money
With an email like interface GaragePay’s way of sending money can be a real time-saver when sending money to a lot of persons. The fees you have to pay are estimated for the most popular currencies.

CSV File Export
Looking for an easy way to add PayPal transaction data to your spreadsheet or database? Export CSV files that include all information shown in GaragePay’s main window. Configure the CSV File Export to exactly those fields you need. Use comma, tab or semincolon as separators.

Smart Folders
Want to keep an eye on payments from the same person? Or transactions in a certain currency? Use Smart Folders to organize your PayPal transactions.

Filter and Find Transactions
Use GaragePay’s filter mechanism to find a transaction, a payer’s name, his email address, his postal addressor even single words in the transaction message.

Use Multiple Accounts
Use as many accounts as you like at the same time.

Browse and Search Offline
Since all information resides in GaragePay’s own database you can use GaragePay full featured even when don’t have an internet connection!

Add a note to a transaction to remember what the transaction was about.

Address Book Export
Export the details of a payer to the Address Book.

Start with GaragePay and your Paypal account or with a sample database. All that’s required is a PayPal Business or Premier account.

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor
Size:11 MB [11 MB]


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