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HistoryInFilm 1.8


HistoryInFilm 1.8 MAS

Cataloging your film archive has never been easier, with HistoryInFilm you can mark scene breaks and annotate your films with a clean visual interface. After annotating you can export a fully detailed Finding Aid complete with SMPTE time codes for all of your annotations. You can create top level catalogs to help group your films by collection. Add summaries and descriptions of films quickly and easily with the data automatically saving in relation to the film. Updates to finding aids are very simple because the data can be reviewed visually by playing back segments in the viewer.

The Mac version of our film annotation tool makes it even easier to publish your content to our mobile application. With this version you can also include a URL for users to learn more about your content or organization.

You will also get current information about the publishing status of your film segments directly in the editor, indicated by the color of the bar beneath the SMPTE code for the segments you have submitted.

Searching for content in your films has never been better. Your search will return the segments in your collection that match your search. If the segment is published it will also include a screenshot of the scene in the search results. You can quickly find film content including SMPTE codes for matching scenes and view entire finding aids from the search results to identify additional information about the film

What’s New:

Version 1.6
This is an update for those of you with large video collections. The app will now tag your files to let you know the status of the files you have worked on. The tags are as follows:

  • [RED] The file is currently open in the app
  • [GREEN] The file has been edited in the past
  • [ORANGE] There are scenes in this file that have been shared through our publish feature

Compatibility: 64-bit processor • macOS 10.14 or later


Size:7 MB [ 7 MB]


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