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Luminar AI 1.5.3 (10043) Crack is Here [2022] | Tested

Luminar AI 1.5.3 Keygen incl Full Version

Luminar AI 2021 Crack

Luminar AI 1.5.3 Crack is the first AI-based Photo Editing software developed by Skylum. It’s effortless to create eye-catchy photos with Luminar AI. Luminar AI takes out the complexity of image editing and makes it a fun game. You can create a magical mood without using masks or layers. You can even add realistic atmospheric effects like Drizzle, Fog, Mist, Haze, Steam to your photos. Without overdoing your photos, you can add clarity and depth to the needed areas of your images. As it’s an AI-based tool, it recognizes people, objects., water, etc. The purpose of creating an AI-based Photo editing software is to reduce the time consumption in editing photos. You can get Luminar AI on preorder from its official website.

Both are image editing software, but Skylum builds Luminar AI with the mission of delivering your visual stories in a fun and easy way. Traditional photo editing is time-consuming and tedious, but as Luminar AI simplifies photo editing complexities, you’ll have more time to tell others about your engaging stories because it automates the typical photo editing tasks. Even Skylum recommends you Luminar AI instead of Luminar 4.

Luminar AI 2022 Key Features:

Some of the main features of Luminar AI’s 1.5.3 version are:

1: Perfect Crop:

With Composition AI, you’ll get the Perfect Crop from any angle because the smartness embedded in Luminar AI combines the features of both a professional photographer and golden rules for composition.

2: AI Magic:

Like traditional photo editors, you don’t have to perform manual selections, layering, and masking in Luminar AI because Artificial Intelligence takes care of it. With AI Magic, you can give magic touches to portraits in a few minutes. The magic of AI works on everything, from faces and bodies of all shapes to ages and colors. Some of the AI Magics Luminar AI is offering are:

Skin AI:

Luminar’s Skin AI can help you in naturally removing blemishes.

Bokeh AI:

You can make the background hazy in a natural way to focus on the main person of the picture.

Iris AI:

With Luminar AI, you can create and modify eyes’ details to your pictures.

Face AI:

You can improve and enhance lips, teeth, and much more with Luminar AI. You can even remove the unwanted dark circles.

Body AI:

With Luminar AI, you can change bodies’ weights according to your needs to give your pictures a stunning and realistic look.

Accent AI:

Through Magic Slider, you’ll get every natural color available for a portrait.

3: Enhance Outdoor Photography:

With Luminar AI, you can create realistic landscapes. The realism level offered in Luminar AI is so real you can feel the real word’s winds in your pictures. However, some of the tools from Luminar AI for enhancing your Landscape photography are:

Structure AI:

Add the depth and clarity to the needed areas with structure AI without overdoing your pictures.

Sky AI:

You can change ever the tiniest details of your image interacting with Sky in your photos in seconds. The AI automatically takes care of the colors matching according to the Sky and your picture.

Atmosphere AI:

You can add realistic atmospheric effects like Drizzle, Fog, Mist, Haze, Steam to your photos. Now you don’t need masks or layers to create a magical mood.

Color Harmony:

With Luminar AI, you can do more than just managing saturation and vibrance. You can give the perfect finishing touch by taking complete control over the color’s depth and balance.

Super Contrast:

You can add more details to your pictures by precisely adjusting the tone with given control spanning highlights, shadows, and much more.


Use the new color palette to take your image’s colors to a whole new level. You can do more than that with Luminar AI.

4: Collab with Expertise:

Skylum collaborated with the world’s best and top photographers to train the app’s neural network for bringing the best AI-based photo editor in the market. Because when you use Luminar AI, you’ll feel like you are getting your work done by experts.

5: AI Assistance:

Luminar AI’s assistance analyzes your image and suggests you the best templates for it. You can edit every template, and those templates will give you the best results in no time. You can even use the templates option when you don’t have any idea in your mind and can start working on it right away.

6: Complete Control:

If Artificial Intelligence is managing your tasks, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any control. Because with Luminar AI’s advanced features, you can still tune each and every step the way you want. Indeed, the AI works as fast as possible to get rid of dullness in your pictures, but you have complete control over your tool.

7: New World of Possibilities:

With Luminar AI automating the traditional photo editing tasks, you can do everything in seconds now. With its unlimited features, you can make anything possible through your photo editing skills.

8: Complexity ≠ Power:

The power Luminar AI brings to the world of pictures doesn’t mean that it is for professionals. Considering the simplicity of its offering in every step, even beginners can edit photos like professionals.

Luminar AI 1 Mac

System Requirements:

Luminar AI is a cross-platform tool meaning so we’ll discuss the requirements for both OSes:

  • For Windows Systems, use a system that supports Mouse or other Input Devices.
  • For macOS, the recommended models are iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, Mac mini (2010 or newer versions).
  • The processor for both OS systems must be at least Corei5 (or later). Or, If you are an AMD user, then use AMD Ryzen™ 5 (or later).
  • The OS version for macOS must be 13 (or later). For Windows, use Windows-10 (64-Bit).
  • RAM for running Luminar AI must be at least 8GB; however, Skylum recommends the use of 16GB.
  • Luminar AI requires 10GB of your Hard Disk space; however, Skylum recommends using SSD instead of HDD.
  • Use a Monitor with a display size of 1280 x 768 (or better).
  • Graphics Card should be Open GL 3.3 or later.

Luminar AI Crack v1.5.3 2022 Method:

  1. Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installed on your system.
  2. You can also use it in a completely offline mode.
  3. Install the software and Extract the Cracked DLL file and copy it and paste it into the software installation folder in Windows C.
  4. Merge provided Reg Patch [] File by clicking 2 times on Reg file.
  5. All Done !!! Enjoy

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Luminar AI 2021 Crack, Luminar AI 1 Mac

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