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MarkMyWords 2.0.0


MarkMyWords 2.0.0 macOS

MarkMyWords offers easy formatting and structuring functions for articles which will be published on the Web and remains platform-independent by using plain text documents.


  • Support of a variety of markup-languages
  • Live-preview of the content and possibility to add own CSS-stylesheets
  • Use of text-templates and markers for quick text navigation
  • Easy import of text-data from popular RSS-readers and web-browsers
  • A flexible fullscreen-modus
  • Plugin System
  • And more little tricks to straighten the writing task

MarkMyWords supports the markup-languages BBCode, Markdown, MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Smark, Textile, and Wikitext and offers a preview of the formatted output as it would be displayed on webpages immediately. Of course you can use plain HTML to format your text, too.

What’s New:

Version 2.0.0:

  • Many elements of the user interface have been redesigned and thus modernized, but the familiar MarkMyWords feeling has been retained.
  • The most notable new feature is the sidebar, which is available in every document. In addition to quick access to other documents, the sidebar provides access to the important details of the respective document.
  • With the new formatting-bar, the most used formatting can be inserted with the mouse easily now.
  • Another big feature is the Textclips-system that replaces the previous One-Click-System. With Textclips, pre-made texts can be inserted into documents easily.
  • Textclips are available in every document and can be arranged in groups so that a collection of Textclips can be created for each topic.
  • In addition to inserting with a simple click in the sidebar, Textclips can be inserted via the word-completion-system as well by using predefined keywords with an additional tab-key-stroke.
  • A lot has also happened internally in MarkMyWords. Almost all areas of MarkMyWords have been revised, legacy elements have been removed and existing components have been replaced by newer ones.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

Size:10.49 MB [10.49 MB]


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