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Password Repository 4.3.1


Password Repository 4.3.1 macOS

Password Repository is a password manager to keep all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on macOS and iOS.

Easy and Powerful
– Document based, allows to create unlimited documents with different set of passwords.
– Any document you create is protected and encrypted by a ‘Master Password’ via AES-256 encryption algorithm.
– Compatible with the similar version for iOS.
– A Document has a simple layout and is based on a ‘Master and Detail’ interface, with a list of records on the left and a detail of the selected record on the right.
– Master table is customizable as you need
– Passwords can be organized in categories with a name and a unique color for better handling of your data.
– Easy retrieving thanks to search categories and the always available search field that filter content live as-you-type
– No connection required. Not based on iCloud

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
Size:11 MB [11 MB]


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