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ReWASD Keygen incl Full Version

rewasd crack

ReWASD 5.2.2 Crack: If you are a console gamer and you probably are using XBOX Elite One or XBOX One. So, when you connect them to your computer to play games, often you face a lot of limitations concerning control mapping. To solve these limitations, I have brought a software named ReWASD.

What is ReWASD?

ReWASD with serial key is a user-friendly tool that will remap the buttons of the XBOX One Controller to keyboard-specific actions in a few instants. The tool has a 14-day free trial version and after that; you need to purchase the tool for using it after 14 days. So, click here to check their pricing scheme. Let’s look at the features of ReWASD.

ReWASD v5.2.2.1757 Key Features:

With ReWASD with license key, you can perform various actions; such as,

  1. You can allocate actions to the Long, Double, and other presses.
  2. You can map the joystick to mouse and keyboard buttons.
  3. To ease the gameplay, you can create shortcuts for your mouse, keyboard, or gamepad buttons.
  4. With the Shift mode, you can add 4 extra mapping layouts for your controller.
  5. If you are using XBOX Elite, then you can use the 1 and 2 paddles of XBOX Elite as independent controls.
  6. To triggers and sticks, you can add up to 3 mappings.
  7. You can match the DS4 or Virtual XBOX 360 controller on any gamepad.
  8. Similarly, you can also convert your keyboard into a virtual controller.
  9. The tool will automatically detect the related apps to apply the configuration settings automatically.
  10. You can combine the supported device for using them as one device.
  11. In the system tray, you can view the battery status of your gamepad.
  12. You can also adjust the feedback settings for your gamepad by using the vibration.
  13. Instead of initiating the controls, you can set your combinations of buttons from your keyboard, mouse, or controller to pause, rumble, and break actions. Plus, the tool will automatically initiate these actions.
  14. With the Rapid Fire of ReWASD that includes Turbo and Toggle, you can fire the repeated keys with adjustable shots in a sequence, and by imitating the key pressed in the first attempt, the toggle will automatically press in the second attempt.

What’s New in ReWASD

Build of ReWASD was released on February 5, 2021, and let’s see what are the changes here:

  • You can now select the angles of axes for trackpads and sticks.
  • If your mouse is mapped to the physical stick, then you can increase the sensitivity of the mouse.
  • The Gyro transition from Nintendo Controllers to Virtual DS4 has been improved in this build.
  • Often, when you enabled the Extended Feature Support option and disabled it in the Big Picture, the controller wasn’t detected by ReWASD with crack but that has been improved in this build.
  • With the Azeron keypad, when you turn on or off the Remap several times, the tool used to crash, but now that issue has been fixed.
  • When you try to filter an empty list of additional mouse buttons the GUI used to crash, but that issue has been solved now.
  • The combo used to lock after a few iterations but that issue has been fixed in this build.
  • When you tried to add a new adapter with a MAC address that includes “-“, the GUI used to crash, but that issue has been fixed now.

Technical Information:

The tool supports the 32-bit and d64-bit versions of the following operating systems such as Windows-10/ 8 / 7.

ReWASD Crack v5.2.2 Method:

  1. After the ReWASD Setup installation process, Open Crack RW Folder.
  2. Extract Cracked zip File and copy it and Replace “ReWASD.exe” File in the program directory (where ReWASD is installed) Windows C > Program files > ReWASD Software Folder.
  3. All done! Enjoy fully licensed ReWASD 5.2.2

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