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Smart Game Booster Crack

Smart Game Booster 5.0.1 Crack: Gaming has taken over the technological world from the past decade or maybe before that. And you need a high-end PC for high-end games. But that doesn’t mean, owning a high-end PC guarantees you an efficient and smooth gaming experience all the time. Because even a high-end PC can slow down due to the background processes running on it.You can disable them but that’s a temporary solution. What you need is someone that can boost your gaming performance with a single click. And just to meet your need we have brought software today with the name Smart Game Booster with serial key.


Smart Game Booster 5.0.1 license key is a useful Windows-application that boosts your PC performance so that you’ll have no interruption in enjoying a smooth gaming experience. The intelligence in Smart Game Booster allows optimization of your PC automatically when the gaming session starts and restore your PC to its normal configuration when the gaming session ends. It’s not just a game booster, it’s more than that. It can also observe the temperature of your monitor, provides security for your gaming, and do much more. You can see the benefits of the Smart Game Booster below 👇🏻.

Benefits of Smart Game Booster:

1: FPS Booster:

Smart Game Booster uses the full potential of your GPU and CPU in a gaming session. You’ll have smoother animations, higher Frame Rates with less screen tearing, and less input lag. All this can be achieved by clicking on the Boost button. You can choose specific options as well to have a modified boosting experience in games.

2: No Crashes:

Smart Game Booster stabilizes your system by preventing it from frequent crashes if there are any. It can automatically tweak your PC when you enabled its gaming mode by closing/disabling background apps, freeing your disk space, and updating your hardware drivers.

3: Hacker’s Protection:

You can play online games like COD, PUBG, and many more; if you’ve created an account on them. So Smart Game Booster protects your gaming account from unidentified access and increases the security of your system.

4: Can I Run It:

You can search the collection of the game distributors like Steam, Origin, and Uplay and select a game that matches your system’s configuration.

5: Recorder:

You can set shortcut keys of your choice and record a PC screen while playing games. That way you don’t have to use separate software when creating videos for your social media fans.

What’s New in Smart Game Booster v5.0.1.461?

The latest version of Smart Game Booster was released on 23rd December 2020 and they have included some new features and made some improvements as well. Let’s see what are they:

  • The addition of Customizable Overclocking GPU will improve the gaming performance by up to 50%.
  • Not only this is a game booster, but you can also now clean your PC, update the outdated drivers, and defragment games. All of this is to improve your gaming performance.
  • You can also Analyze your PC on Smart Game Booster and it will suggest your games accordingly.
  • The addition of Guard will remove any threats, or spyware to increase the security of a gaming pc.
  • The new Boost functionality will improve your gaming performance even more and make your PC efficient.
  • The developers of the Smart Game Booster have improved the Interface of the tool in terms of being intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • While updating, the support of HTTPS will do the whole process over a secure connection.
  • The developers have also improved the temperature and heat detection of Smart Game Booster.
  • Now the software supports almost 19 languages.

System Requirements:

  • Smart Game Booster requires Windows-XP, Windows-Vista/7, Windows-10, Windows-8.1/8.
  • It’s lightweight software so it only requires about 200MB of your hard disk space.
  • Smart Game Booster supports 1GB of RAM and an Intel P-4 Processor (at least).

Smart Game Booster Crack v5.0.1.461 Method:

  1. After the software installation. Open the Loader SGB folder.
  2. Extract Loader [] zip file and Copy the file “Loader.exe” to the installation directory;
  3. Make a one loader copy in main desktop screen too. So Always Run the application from the loader;
  4. All Done !!!!! Enjoy registered Smart Game Booster.

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Smart Game Booster Crack

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