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Squirrels Reflector Crack Full Version Here [2021]


Reflector 4 Keygen incl Full Version

Reflector 4.0.3 Crack: If you like watching content on a big screen for entertainment, education, or any other purpose, then you have to go through wires such as HDMI or VGA. However, today we have brought a software application that eliminates the need for wires for sharing content on a big screen and its name is Reflector 4.

What is Reflector 4?

Reflector 4 license key is a screen mirroring software application that makes use of native mobile protocols for connecting iOS or Android devices to a PC or Smart TV. However, the functionality of this software is not just limited to screen mirroring as it performs various other features. So, let’s look at all of them!

Key Features of Reflector 4:

1: Make Use of 3 Native Protocols:

Reflector 3 crack uses Google Cast, AirPlay and Miracast protocols for receiving connection, so you won’t need any additional hardware or software for screen mirroring. AirPlay is dedicated to iOS devices; Google Cast is for Android devices and Miracast is embedded for connecting Windows devices.

2: Recording:

As mentioned earlier that Reflector with activation code is more than just a screen mirroring software application, so it gives the option of capturing the screen while streaming the media. You can also enjoy customized screen capturing where you can add your audio and make other customizations (to your recording) according to your need.

3: Centralized Control System:

Once your devices are connected, you’ll have a centralized control system from where you can perform all the functions of this software.

4: Audio-Only Streamer:

Video playing (with audio) is good and any screen mirroring software application can do that. But what about audio-only streaming? That’s where Squirrels Reflector stands out among its competitors as this software also gives the option of acting only as an audio receiver. So, users can enjoy music on large speakers.

5: Connecting Multiple Devices:

Unlike other screen mirroring software applications, Reflector 4 serial key is a powerful one and you can see its power with the facility of simultaneous device connections. So, Reflector gives you the option of connecting multiple devices (that use the mentioned protocols natively) to a bigger screen simultaneously.

6: Device Frames:

Reflector gives tons of options (regarding screen mirroring) to its users and Device Frames is one of them. In this mode, users can make the mirrored screen look like their parent device. However, if you didn’t like a particular look, you can always choose any other device frame as there are several options.

7: Full-Screen Mode:

Reflector can be your comprehensive entertainment-dedicated tool as it allows the user to go Full-Screen mode where the users will pick the matching colors or images according to the mirrored screen. This way, users won’t have any distractions during their gaming or entertainment hours.

8: Complete Control:

Reflector gives complete control to its users as they can choose to allow or deny a particular connection request before the content is shown on the screen.

9: Compatible with AirParrot:

As Squirrels has developed this software, so you can use this application with AirParrot (which is another software application from Squirrels). This module is dedicated to the users who want to enhance the screen mirroring functionality.

10: Security:

Reflector also prevents the devices from unwanted connections and users can apply content mirroring restrictions as well.

Changelog Information:

Squirrels has fixed a YouTube streaming issue in build of Squirrels Reflector. However, you can check the complete changelog information on the official website.

System Requirements:

The official website didn’t mention any hardware requirements to use Squirrels Reflector ( However, this software supports both MacOS and Windows and we’ve tested this software on

  • Windows 10 and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Reflector Crack v4 Method:

  1. Turn your antivirus off.
  2. Just Install the Pre-Cracked Setup as it is (As per your OS requirement).
  3. That’s it! no, any license is required so it all is done.

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