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Tab Space 3.8.2


Tab Space 3.8.2 MAS

Tab Space is a Safari extension app which is born for improving web browsing productivity.Now you can export your saved sessions as text, markdown or HTML!

It mainly includes the following functions:

1. Save your browsing tabs at 1 click (just like OneTab in Chrome), and restore these tabs whenever you want.

2. Tag system. You can mark your saved sessions with custom tags and use this app as a web browsing workflow launcher. For example, under my tag “Reading”, I can launch my “News” workflow by opening all my favorite news websites at 1 click.

3. Shortcuts for Safari which offer the long missing function:

– Ctrl + L — Close left tabs
– Ctrl + R — Close right tabs
– Ctrl + Q — Close all other tabs
– Ctrl + D — Duplicate current tab
– Ctrl + C — Open in Chrome
– Ctrl + F — Open in Firefox
– Ctrl + T — Open Tab Space
– Ctrl + B — Save selected text to Bear, finally you have a Web Clipper for Safari

→ ### Note: this app only works with Safari 12.1 or later version.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later

Size:7 MB [7 MB]


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