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To Text Converter 1.6.1


To Text Converter 1.6.1 macOS

To Text Converter is an application to convert files from various formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, RTFD) to standard plain TEXT files.


To extract from your files the content in pure text format for successive use.
Original files are always leaved untouched and unmodified.
Accepts a single or multiple files in a single drag and drop operation.
Creates as result new text files inside a selected folder or in a custom destination asked after dropping the files, as specified in the preferences.
Newly created files will contain, in text format, the perfectly readable textual content of the original files
Original files will be always left untouched to never damage your work.
Useful to extract text, cleaning it from format text and various language code, in case of web pages, PDF, RTF and RTFD files.
Obtained text, can be used for any purpose because it is always ‘clean’ with no code inside and ready to use in any other application.
Process many files at once dropping them on the ‘To Text Converter’ main window, in that case it will save more files each with the relative text inside, all in a single step.
The latest processed file and the converted oneIt can able to shown in the finder and directly opened pressing a button.
Shows in the window path to the converted and created files.

Converted formats:

PDF documents from any platform (.pdf files)
Web pages (.html and .htm files)
Rich text Format documents ( .rtf files)
Rich Text Format with embedded graphics documents ( .rtfd files)


Easy to use, no learning curve at all
Works using Drag and Drop
Fast and effective, it can convert and save a large quantity of files in a very short time.
Never touch or modify the original files
Convert also more then one file per time
Log of processed files
PDF manual embedded

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later
Size:6 MB [6 MB]


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