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Trim N Collect v1.5 for After Effects


Trim N Collect v1.5 for After Effects MacOS

Trim media files used in your project and prepare it for archive or exchange.

Trim N Collect will trim and transcode media clips used in your project to include only the used parts, and relink to these files. It’s a great solution if you want to transfer or archive your projects.

Save your disk space, transfer time and money!

Additional options give you total control over the size of handles you want to leave, processing of image and multi-channel EXR sequences, as well as how the files are collected.


Automatic folder creation – new!
Transcoding templates
Add handles
Automatically consolidate overlapping media – new!
Consolidate gaps
Don’t transcode full range media – new!
Export scripts (create a folder structure, establish project bit depth, etc.)

Image sequence processing:

Transcode image sequences will transcode the image sequences (with exception of exr files)

Transcode OpenEXR sequences will transcode the sequences of multichannel exr files using the template presets, depending on them having an alpha channel.

Customizable extensions for image sequences – new!

Trimmed footage management

Collect options:

Collect C4D files (without dependencies)

Copy entire image sequences

Copy entire OpenEXR sequences

Do not collect files will not perform the collect operation at all, instead only trimming and transcoding the used parts of the footage to the destination folder.

Size:23.4 MB [23.4 MB]


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