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Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Windows 2018 Review [Tested]


Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for WindowsIntroduction

Imagine sitting in a restaurant with friends and having a good time, suddenly a tune starts playing, and it immediately gets your attention because it is that good. Now you want to have that tune for yourself, you have plans for that tune like using it in one of your videos or audios but you can’t, why? Because that tune is protected by DRM. All your plans are now finished as you can’t have that tune, but now with DRM audio converter for windows, you can convert any tune, music or audio that you want. This is an amazing thing which converts thing with very fast speed and accuracy. You don’t need to worry about DRM anymore; you need to select any audio that you love, and you want, it will be in your system. Below are some pretty exciting features of this remarkable tool.

One Stop Shop

You must have heard about one window operation, but this is a better and more advanced version of that, how? Let me grab the opportunity to introduce you with its function. DRM Tuneskit equips you with the tools that you can convert or remove DRM protection & encryption from not only Apple music tracks or iTunes but also from M4A, M4B audiobooks, M4P songs, AA audiobooks and from Audible AAX as well. These are a lot of sources and certainly a large number of songs and music. No matter where you find your fantastic tune or song, you can remove its DRM protection from this tool and convert it for any device you like for listening and using.

add drm audio

Convert DRM-ED Audios to other audio formats

You must be wondering that if this tool is cracking DRM protection from so many audio sources then it must be converting these files into only one format because no tool on the internet is that awesome, but today you’re going to witness the most amazing tool on the internet for audio conversion and removing its protection. iTunes DRM Audio Converter is that astonishing tool that let you convert audio files in any format you like, you want it in MP3 format? With one click and there you go, you want it in WMA format? Just click on the convert button, and you will have the file you, and in the format you want. To make it easy to use on any device like iPod, IPad, Sony or Samsung, It’s can convert the audio in the most format which is CD format.

convert drm audio

Convert all common and Non-DRM audio files in other formats

Conversion of Non-DRM and common files into different form was never so easy before; this tool lets you convert any file you desire into any format you need very quickly and very easily. Its interface is very friendly and efficient as you need to be an expert to operate this tool to its fullest. Anyone with a basic knowledge of internet and computer can effortlessly manage it and get the desired result in an instant.

Split or Customize audio

Cracking DRM protection and Conversion is its one of the best features but letting you customize your sound is other one of its renowned function, you can also make small audios of a larger audio file, which means you can pinpoint the locations of those audios which are necessary for you to store and discard the rest of the file. By doing so, you can save your time which you’ll be wasting if you have to listen the whole audio for the just small information you need and space of your device. It is full of amazing features.

drm audio output


It is the best tool for removing protection of DRM from files, audios, tunes from not only one but from different audio sources. Not just that, you can convert audios in your desired format for easy use. With its option of customizing audio, it provides a great deal of ease to the users.

So Download the trial from the link below and check this awesome software.

Another exciting news is we are giving 10 free copies of this software for our regular visits. So don’t hesitate and download the Trial Version.


Download Now

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