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Wrise 1.5


Wrise 1.5 macOS

Wrise is a word processor that makes reading and writing accessible for everyone. Designed to support reading comprehension and text composition, it can also be beneficial for individuals with dyslexia. With text-to-speech, word and sentence highlighting, zoom and EasyReading mode, texts become more comprehensible and easier on the eyes. With Speak-as-You-Type, Word Prediction, and speech tags, writing becomes not only easier, but also more fun.


– Read
Read comfortably
Personalize your reading experience
Listen on the go

– Write
Effortlessly create texts
Multilingual support

– Create
Take control with tags
Protect your Wrise documents

Compatibility: OS X 10.13 or later 64-bit

Size: 91 MB
Files [91 MB]


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