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XMind 2022 Crack

XMind 2022 Crack: Ideas can click your mind at any moment, so when you are brainstorming, it’s necessary not to stop the flow of ideas and enter the state of linear thinking. That’s why mind mapping is introduced.

XMind with torrent mapping is a technique of generating unique and creative ideas in less time because you are actually sorting your thoughts and ideas with mind mapping.

Some people find it easier to sort their thoughts and ideas on paper. Whereas others favor using smartphones, laptops, or computers and if you are one of those, then we’ve got a perfect software application for you named XMind 2022.

What is XMind 2022?

XMind 2022 serial number is a multiplatform mind mapping software that is designed to replace pencil-and-paper mind mapping.

The major purpose behind the development of such a software application is to increase the productivity level of the users and this software achieves its purpose by keeping track of the brainstorming activities and improving the problem-solving ability of its users.

Features of XMind 2022:

If you’ve used XMind Zen before, then you will find the XMind 2022 activation code pretty much similar to it because XMind Zen has been replaced and renamed as XMind 2022 by XMind. So, we will discuss the new features of XMind 2022 and without any further delay, let’s begin!

1: Outliner:

Outliner is one of the unique features of XMind 2022 that lets users switch easily between an outline of their information and their mind map representation.

2: Cream UI:

We all know that when a user sees a website or application for the first time, UI is the primary thing that sits in the minds of the users because he has zero knowledge about the algorithms and processes running at the backend. So, XMind has focused on UI in XMind 2022 by bringing a brand-new interface and to put it in XMind’s terms, they call it – Cream UI, which sounds delicious . You will find very sleek-looking elements and various new styles in XMind 2022, which will refresh the mood of a user and help him mind map more effectively.

3: Theme Editor:

XMind 2022 offers a lot of customizability and flexibility to its users and the Theme Editor is just a hint of what it offers. Theme Editor is where the eye-candy kicks in because you can style theme elements such as lines, shapes, colors and various other tools (that you use for mind mapping) as you like.

4: Styles and Structures:

XMind has also polished the styles and structures in XMind 2022, so things like matrix, brace map, fishbone chart, hexagon, circle, timeline and capsule look more polished now.

5: Remodeled Image Export:

XMind with Crack has remodeled the image export option in XMind 2022 and now you can scale and export the images with transparent background. This feature is useful when you want to insert images in keynotes or PowerPoint presentations. Moreover, the remodeled image export also supports exporting multiple sheets at once.

6: ZenMode:

XMind 2022 fully knows that humans can’t focus on a task for a long time, therefore it has brought the ZenMode in XMind 2022, which helps the users in focusing only on one mind map. This way, users can focus all their energy on one particular task and they can accomplish it perfectly.

7: Updated Template Library:

If you’ve previously created an attractive mind map, you can use it as a template in your new mind map by selecting it from the Library.

8: Password Protection for MindMaps:

Some ideas are not only unique but are also billion-dollar ideas. So, it’s necessary to protect those ideas and you can use the password protection tool for protecting your thoughts from unwanted access.

9: Find and Replace:

If you are dealing with large mind maps, then you can use Find and Replace for finding out a particular word and replacing it with something else (just like MS-Word).

10: Map Overview:

If you are opening a large mind map after some time, then you can quickly locate the topic of the mind map by looking at the mind map overview.

11: Topic Count:

Before creating a mind map, you should first create a list of topics that you want to cover in your mind map. In the end, you can use the topic count to find out which topics you’ve covered and which ones you haven’t.

12: Multi-branch Color:

Long mind maps can become complex, but with XMind 2022, you can avoid that complexity by using different colors for each branch. This will also make your mind map more beautiful and attractive.

13: Topic-Free Positioning:

Previously, during mind mapping, your floating nodes or topics used to snap to the grid which was annoying to most users. So, XMind 2022 has come with a solution in XMind 2022 with the inclusion of Topic-Free Positioning, which stops your floating nodes or topics from snapping to the grid.

14: Quick Style:

You can use the Quick Style which allows you to use colors for setting the priority of a topic which is a nice touch.

15: Call Outs:

Call Outs is a handy way of adding extra notes to your mind map. So, in the future, when you look at a particular mind map, you will know the context of the topic under discussion.

16: Audio Notes:

During brainstorming and meeting sessions, you can use Audio Notes to capture the words in the shape of audio rather than typing (which obviously would take more time).

17: Built-in Stickers:

To give your mind maps a more user-friendly feel, XMind has added 89 built-in Stickers in XMind 2022.

Technical Information:

There are no mentioned hardware requirements regarding XMind 2022 (22.10) . However, the software supports the following operating systems:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows-7 and later editions.
  • MacOS 10.11 and later versions.
  • Debian-based and RMP-based Linux.

Release Notes:

XMind has released build 22.10.0631 of XMind 2022 on 31th October 2022 and let’s see the changes it has made to XMind 2022 (22.10) in this particular build:


  • XMind has added “News” in the “Help” menu


  • XMind has fixed the problem in XMind 2022 (22.10) (Build 202209232239) where the topic texts may be cleared when using the space bar to edit the topic in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the problem in XMind 2022 v22.10) which caused an error during deleting the Relationship.
  • XMind has fixed the display problem of toolbar icons in Windows in XMind 2022 22.10
  • XMind has fixed the error in XMind 2022 that occurred during saving files in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the error in XMind 2021 2 2that occurred during deleting a single topic in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the error in XMind 2022 v22 that occurred during importing OPML in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the issue in XMind 22.10 regarding the Callout that may cause file open failure.
  • XMind has fixed the right-click menu pop-up issue in XMind 22 that occurred in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the topic position issue in XMind 2022 that occurred after dragging multiple floating topics.
  • XMind has fixed the cursor position issue in XMind 2022 (22.10) (Build 202209232239) that occurred after entering note text with some IME.
  • XMind has fixed the issue where some equations are not fully displayed in exported PDF in XMind 2022 v22.10
  • XMind has fixed the display issue of the title bar in XMind 2022  that occurred when the file name is too long.
  • XMind has fixed the issue in XMind 2022  regarding saving custom shortcuts in some special cases.
  • XMind has fixed the incorrect “Match Case” status in XMind 2022 22.10 that occurred during searching in the navigation panel.

XMind 2022 Crack v22.10 Method:

  1. Install the XMind 2022 software and uncheck the launch program if you got this option while installing this Program.
  2. Now Open Crack XM Folder and Copy “XmindFull.cmd” into XMind 11 Program installation directory folder in Windows C > Program Files.
  3. Run app only from “XmindFull.cmd” (Do Make a shortcut for XmindFull.cmd on the desktop)
  4. All Done !!! Enjoy a fully licensed copy.

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